Change over time

Change over time

Connecting with other people has been my life long joy. As a Navy officer’s kid, every two years I connected with a new community and learned how d...


My creative process is inspired by graphics. I love line. positive/negative space. the juxtapositon of colors. Doodles can lead to new looks. I pri...

Screen Spline Jewelry

People ask me all the time about the name of my business. What does it have to do with jewelry? A trusted marketing guru friend suggested the name because I was committed to using rubber in my work--flexible, right? 

At It Again

Once I got used to the lock down and took stock of inventory AND the cancelled art fairs, lost my mojo to create. But, last week I was back in the ...

Funky New Pieces

Funky New Pieces

New works with new materials in a new way!

Virus Blues

Being cooped up has led me to do some whacky new pieces which will go up online the week of April 20. Stay tuned.